• Parent or community helpers can be a great asset to a teacher and her classroom by taking away some of the burden of the busy work that needs to be done. There are a range of interactive and active jobs volunteers can do to help the classroom to run smoothly. Below are some ways classroom volunteers can help. 

    Please contact me by email if you are interested in volunteering. There is a district online application and background check to complete before volunteering. If you want to participate in any field trips or classroom parties, you have to fill out this volunteer form. The District office will notify me when the background check is complete. If you have not heard back from me after submitting the application after 3 days, please contact me. You can find this on the Brookings School District website under Parents, on the bottom right hand side of the page, or click on the link below:

    District Volunteer Application

    Ms. Langelett's Email:  lara.langelett@k12.sd.us

    Ways Classroom Volunteers Can Help

    1. Book: the book hospital is where damaged classroom library books can be ready and waiting for someone to fix them.
    2. King/Queen Copier: a copy basket is set up for anyone interested in making photocopies. There will be a sticky not attached as to the number of copies needed.
    3. Lovely Laminators: a basket of materials that need to be laminated will be ready. Training the volunteer on how to arrange items to get the maximum number covered using the smallest amount of film will be important.
    4. Careful Cutters: a basket of materials that need to be cut will be available. If a volunteer cannot come into the classroom to help out, some of the materials that need to be cut out into a "Helper Bag" could be sent home with the student.
    5. Book Order Buddies: Book orders are great! Not only do they encourage your students to read, but book sales really help build up the classroom library when points are redeemed. I will keep the latest book order book of fliers in a book bag with a stapler and attached note. Volunteers can assemble this at home.
    6. Math Marvel: Keeping students excitement about math by playing games that reinforce basic math skills. Parents who are outgoing and enjoy being in the thick of class activities will usually appreciate the opportunity to work directly with a small group.
    7. Super Science Assistants: Science experiments (especially those done by a guest volunteer in a white lab coat!) are always attention-getters in the classroom.  Ask your science-loving volunteers if they would like to be your Super Science Assistants and help out when you have science experiments planned in the classroom.
    8. Guest Readers: Not every volunteer can commit to coming in to help each week, but many want to be involved at least once during the school year.  Ask for volunteers during Parent-Teacher Night to read-aloud to a small group during reading centers.  This gives you a chance to work with your small group, but also keeps the other students engaged.
    9. Pencil Princess/Prince: Sharpened pencils are one of the most wonderful tools of the trade.  Dull and broken ones?  Those leave a lot to be desired.  Ask your volunteer to become the Pencil Princess or Prince and sharpen all of the pencils for you.  This may not be the most exciting job, but it is certainly one that is needed!
    10. Class Caterer: Organizing who gets to bring what during class parties and celebrations can be a nightmare on top of everything else that a teacher has to do.  Ask your wonderful parent volunteers to help with this task by setting up the snack menu for the month and planning parties.