Vote April 10, 2018

  • BSD Planning Purpose Progress


    Opt Out Reference Guide

    1. Board Adopted Six Strategic Plan goals:
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    1. Results from the 2016 community, staff, and student survey:
    • Top three skills and abilities students need to be future ready:
      • Mastery of communication skills
      • Mastery of reading skills
      • Ability to be creative and critical problem solvers
    • Indicators of school system success:
      • Class size (student to teacher ratio)
      • Students attending some form of post secondary school
      • Condition of school district facilities
    • Future challenges for the Brookings School District:
      • Hiring and retaining quality faculty and staff
      • Maintain manageable class sizes
      • Provide adequate support to meet unique needs of each individual learner

    1. The Brookings School District initially intends to levy $3.95 million and then apply a 2.5% inflationary factor over 10 years. If approved, the Brookings School District will be able to enhance the quality of programs and services available to our students.

    2. The last opt-out was passed in 2001, for $750,000. Based on per-student allocation, this dollar amount has decreased since then. In 2001, the opt out generated $275.11 per student (tax impact = $88/$100,000 taxable valuation).  In 2017, the opt out generated $224.43 per student (tax impact = $34/$100,000 taxable valuation).  This was a revenue Loss of $50.68 per pupil or an 18.42% loss in revenue per student.

    3. If the opt-out does not pass, the district will face a budget shortfall due to a loss of pension revenue, anticipated discontinued use of capital outlay flexibility, and a projected end of year operating deficit. The Brookings School District will struggle to maintain current programming and student support in the 2018-19 school year and beyond.

    4. The Brookings School District remains committed to being a good steward of the community’s investment in its public schools. The Brookings School District has an AA- credit rating from Standard & Poors, has consistently received favorable financial reports during our annual audits, has completed a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the National Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting, and the Brookings School District continually seeks innovative solutions to live within its means.