• Fair Weather

    by Richard Peck Year Published: 2001

    On that day, Rosie Beckett's family receives a letter - possibly the first letter they've ever received from their aunt Euterpe in distant Chicago. It is 1893, the year of the World's Columbian Exposition - the "wonder of the age." Tucked inside the pages of the letter are train tickets. Aunt Euterpe is inviting Rosie's family to the fair!

    But is she ready for the tumult of her country relatives? Well, ready or not, they soon arrive: thirteen-year-old Rosie and her lovelorn older sister, Lottie, feeling a bit stiff in their new skirts; seven-year-old Buster, whose pockets always conceal some jumping creature or other; and an unlikely chaperone who'll be the first of many breathtaking surprises for everybody. As for Rosie, she will forever recall the marvels of that summer, and how she found her future at the fair.

    In this dazzling tour de force, Richard Peck combines the fictional Beckett family with some of the era's most fascinating real people including Buffalo Bill himself - for a whirlwind of humor, misadventure, and charms beyond measure.

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  • Stand Tall

    by Joan Bauer Year Published: 2005

    At age 12, Tree stands 6′ 3 1/2″ and not much makes sense — why his parents are getting divorced, why he’s terrible on the basketball court — but he begins to find his purpose helping Grandpa…and then comes Sophie, an older, bolder girl at school with a motto and a mission.

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  • The Pigman

    by Paul Zindel Year Published: 1968

    When sophomores John and Lorraine played a practical joke a few months ago on a stranger named Angelo Pignati, they had no idea what they were starting. Virtually overnight, almost against their will, the two befriended the lonely old man; it wasn't long before they were more comfortable in his house than their own. But now Mr. Pignati is dead. And for John and Lorraine, the only way to find peace is to write down their friend's story - the story of the Pigman.

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  • Petey

    by Ben Mikaelsen Year Published: 1999

    Moving to a new town is no fun for Trevor Ladd, and it only gets worse when he protects a nursing home patient from the neighborhood bullies. Walking home from school, he catches the bullies throwing snowballs at a withered old man named Petey. As he chases them off, he can't imagine that his life is about to change. 

    Petey has spent his life in institutions. Born with cerebral palsy, he was msidiagnosed as an infant and grew up in mental institutions. As an adult, he is bound by his wheelchair and struggles to communicate with the people around him. But Petey sees something in Trevor and is determined to become his friend - and Trevor soon learns that there is more to Petey than meets the eye.

    Petey is a touching story of friendship, discovery, and the domination of the human spirit over physical obstacles.

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