Internet and Online Research

Teal Team Quest

  • Step 1 - Search Engines: 

    Seminar Video Lesson (Watch if you missed class or need more help)
    BrainPop: Internet Search Video
    Internet & Online Searches Assignment Directions
    Socrative Login - Room Name is 4PALMER

    Step 2 - Reliability: 

    Log in to your BrainPop Account:
    Click under "Notifications" to find your Online Sources & Reliability tasks (3 things to complete: Movie, Worksheet & Quiz)

    Step 3 - Copyright & Plagiarism: 

    Log in to BrainPop to watch the two videos, "Copyright" and "Plagiarism"
    After watching, you must use any platform to explain in your own words what these two terms mean, their differences, and a bit more about the terms.