Parent Welcome Letter

  • 2019-2020

    Dear 2nd Grade Parent(s)/Guardians/Families,

         We will have a busy couple of weeks getting to know one another at school and establishing our classroom routines.  The purpose of this letter is to make you familiar with 2nd grade curriculum, school policies, and weekly activities. 

    Reading: We use XXX for our reading curriculum.  This series focuses on South Dakota ELA standards.  I will also be incorporating guided reading, which consists of small group instruction with children at thier instructional reading level. During this "meet with teacher" time, I will have the students practice reading at thier instructional level, using reading strategies and conducting reading conferences.  The rest of the students are working indpendently on one of several literacy centers.  I will also be using Daily 5, infused with CAFE reading strategies, during our Language Arts/Reading block. 

    Finding books: click on the following links to access our DP Library or Public Library

    Book orders: I will send home book orders occasionally.  If you would like to order, make checks available to Scholastic Book Clubs and send back to school.  You may also order online.  Go to scholastic website and enter our class code GP994

    Math: The district-adopted series is called Investigations.  The 2nd grade curriculum is organized into nine units that build on each other throughout the school year.  Students will also learn through large and small group instruction, games, and independent practice and review.  

    Fact fluency in addition and subtraction, are important for 2nd graders to work on.  We will use many hands-on games to help with mastering facts, along with Prodigy and Reflex.  Your child will have their own user names and passwords inside thier planners.  You can also have your child practice on those websites at home or try Fact Monster

    Science: Using the South Dakota State Science Standards and preparing for the NEXT Generation Science Standards , lessons will focus on inquiry based learning.

    Social Studies: A variety of topics will be covered.  These units are following the new South Dakota State Social Studies Standards. 

    Planners: Please check your child's planner and initial nightly.  This is where you will find any unfinished work your child needs to complete at home.  I may also include behaviors or upcoming events in the planner.  If your child has a change in after school plans or an upcoming absence, please write it down.  I check planners every morning.

    Take Home Folders: Dakota Prairie will provide a take home folder for each child.  Your child's papers, notes, etc. can be found in the folder.  Please send notes, money, etc. to school with your child in the folder.  Please put money in an envelope with child's name and purpose for the money.  This folder will travel between school and home all year.  This will be a great communication tool, along with the planner.

    Reading Bag: Colored reading bags will be given to each student.  Self-selected books from our classroom library, along with books that we are reading together for guided reading, will be inside.  Please have your child read from these bags a few times each week.  It is important that the bag be returned to school each day for use during school.

    Communication/Dojo/Newsletter: A newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of most weeks.  Please keep this handy for updates and upcoming events.  Class Dojo is a communication app for the classroom.  It connects teachers, parents, and students to share photos, videos, and messages.  Dojo will be used daily to communicate with parents about upcoming events, announcements, and celebrations.  Pictures of learning in progress will also be posted under stories.  I will be sending each family an invitation to join through email.  Communication between home and school is essential for the success of your student's educational experience.  Please feel free to communicate any changes or concerns you may have through messaging on dojo.  I am the only one who sees the messages.  I get notifications and check messages on dojo quicker than I check emails. 

    Birthdays: As stated in the Dakota Prairie Handbook, we want to discourage students from bringing cupcakes or sugary treats for their birthday.  If you would like for your child to celebrate their birthday at school, please provide a healthy snack.  Non-food items are greatly appreciated, like pencils or small toys.  You could even donate a book to our classroom in honor of your child.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated on or near their half birthday.  I will send you a note home to let you know when we are celebrating your child's birthday.  

    Attendance: The first bell rings at 8:15.  The playground is supervised beginning at 7:45.  Your child should go directly to the 2nd/3rd grade playground (east side) with their backpack.  Please remember to dress for the weather.  Students are not allowed into the classroom until 8:20.  If your child eats breakfast at school, please drop him/her off at the front doors.  Breakfast starts at 7:30.  Dismissal is 3:22, except for Wednesdays, when it is at 2:22.  I will send your child where you have indicated.  Please communicate promptly if after school changes need to be made. 

    Recess Guidelines: Above 55 degrees: your choice; 45-55 degrees: light jacket or sweatshirt; below 45 degrees: winter gear.  Please label outside clothing!  SchoolReach will call parents if school will be cancelled, late, or dismissed early. Please make sure you have all correct phone numbers provided to the school.  We will be in the gym before school in the case of inclement weather. 

    Absences: Please call our secretary, Andrea Zeller, at 605-696-4902 as soon as you know your child will be late or absent.

    Discipline Plan: I will use Class Dojo to communicate discipline issues.  I believe in positive reinforcement and have many fun ways to incorporate this like Star of the Week, Mystery Walker, and VIP Awards.  Most of our "rules" are under "Bobcat ROARS".  
    Respectful to all
    Obey safety rules
    Achieve to your highest potential
    Responsibility for your own actions


    I am looking forward to a great year with your child!  Thank you for sharing them with me!  If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  


    Mrs. Caylor

    -"A teacher sees tomorrow in the eyes of a child."