• Understanding Test Scores

    Hello Families and Teachers, I would like to teach you about how to read your child’s or student’s test scores.

    The purpose of the videos and Power Point pdf is to give you a better understanding of standardized test scores and to be able to apply it to all normed assessment tools. The following is explained:

    1. Definition of what the bell curve is by using a familiar example
    2. Explanation of the difference between a percentile rank and percentage
    3. Examples of a Normed-Referenced Standard test scores, MAPs percentile rank, and RIT scores
    4. Showing an IQ scores on the bell curve.

    Click here to download all of the Power Points and explanations.

  • To see a video explantion of the following topics, click on "video."

    • Bell Curve: Familiar Example Video (8 minutes: 50 seconds)
    • Percentile vs. Percentage Video (5 minutes: 27 seconds)
    • Normed-Referenced Standard Test scores, MAPs percentile rank, and RIT scores Video (14 minutes: 33 seconds)
    • IQ Scores on a bell curve Video (2 minutes: 40 seconds)