Class Information

  • The 7th grade curriculum will center on Life Science.  Some areas we will concentrate in are: Scientific Investigation, Cells, Mitosis and Meiosis, Genetics, Ecology, Fossils, Human Anatomy.  We will also have a field trip to McCrory Gardens.

     Class Expectations

    1.  All homework must be completed on time and in a quality manner.
    2. If you have questions, ask me to explain.
    3.  Respect all others and lab equipment.

     Grading Procedures

     The grade in this class will be based on daily assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, labs, and presentations.

     Late assignments:  

    Standards-based Grading using Infinite Campus

     We have combined standards-based grading with a more traditional grading scale to produce a system that carries both the benefits of standards-based grading described previously, and exposes them to performance expectations that they will experience throughout the rest of their lives.  While traditional percentage benchmarks will be used to distinguish between the various levels of performance, standards-based terminology will replace the traditional A through F grading scale in order to give a more detailed description of student performance. Please see below.



    Standard Met (4)

    90% and above

    Progressing (3)

    80% -89%

    Emerging (2)


    Standard Not Met (1)

    69% and below

    • All standards will be available for assessment during the school year.

    • Standards not assessed during a given term will be denoted with a blank in the grade book.

    • Standards-based grading will always be in progress during the school year, allowing students to continue to work on standards.

    Absences: Students are responsible for making up all work when they have been absent for any reason (this includes music lessons, school-sponsored activities - see p. 4 & 5 of student handbook).  When the students return to school, it is their responsibility to collect missing assignments, hand in papers, and make arrangements to complete work. 

    Cheating:  If a student cheats/copies/plagiarizes, the action will result in a docked grade.  In addition, cheating and coping will result in a behavior infraction.  A student who allows his/her work to be copied will receive the same consequences as the student who did the copying.

    More Guidelines

    Books:   Each student will receive have access to a science textbook and a password for the online text book. 

    Assignment books: You must bring your assignment book to class and fill it out each day.  It is your hall pass as well.  If you don’t have an assignment book, you don’t have a pass.

    Reading books:  You must bring a reading book to class each day.  You never know when you will have a little reading time.

    Let’s have a great year together.  Please feel free to call me at (696-4520).