• Bobcat Gymnastics Information

    No Cost other than Physical

    Gymnastics practices are from 3:45-6:00 (4-6 wednesday) every day after school.

    If the athlete is to miss practice a coach is to be notified by a parent with a phone call or email prior to 3:00pm that day.

    Athletes must attend all pratices unless there is an illness, academic, family or church conflict.  Two unexcused absences will resullt in expulsion from the team

    The required equipment for tryouts is tennis shoes, shorts, t-shirt or leotard.

    Required before first day of practice:  Physical (from a doctor or chiropractor) and Participation packet.

    Moving Equipment is Octoer 29th.  We will meet in the multipurpose room of the high school right after school and will take 2.5-3 hours.  Please wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty and tennis shoes.

    1st day of practice (tryouts) is November 2nd , 2020.  Athletes will know by the end of the day if they made the team or not.

    Tryouts Sample List

    All scores based on skill completion.


    • Pull over
    • Back hip
    • Free hip
    • Kip
    • 1/2 turn on low bar
    • Uprise/giant
    • Handstand


    • Full turn
    • Tuck jump
    • Wolf or split jump
    • Handstand
    • Back tumbling skill (1/2 point for medium 1 point for superior)
    • Front/side tunbling skill (1/2 point for medium 1 point for superior)
    • Tumbling with flight


    • Handstand (no walking)
    • Round-off
    • Back walk over
    • Front walk over
    • Back handspring
    • Front handspring (feet together)
    • Salto
    • Double pirouette


    • Turns 1 1/2
    • Jump 1 1/2
    • Split leap 180
    • Switch Leap 180
    • Wolf @ Horizontal
    • Pike 90
    • Straddle jump @ horizontal
    • Wolf/Pike/Straddle Full


    • Left splt 180
    • Right split 180
    • Middle split 180


    • Pull-ups (one point for every 3)
    • L hang (one point for every 15 seconds)
    • Pull-up push down (2 points each)
    • Pull-up and over (1 point each)