MMS Track Information

  • Coaches:

    Brandon Sandoval - 8th Head Boys, Weight workout, Shot put and Discus

    Halie Sehr-  8th Head Girls, Sprint workout, Relays, Hurdles 

    Philip Thramer - 7th Head Boys, Sprint workout, Relays, Sprint Starts

    Rachelle Engbrecht - 7th Head Girls, Distance workout, Pole Vault

    Taylor Thue - Sprint workout, Relays, Long jump

    Jason Hirrschoff – Sprint workout, Relays, High Jump

    Michelle Adamson – Weight workout, Shot put and Discus 

    Participation Packet

    Rules and Regulations

    1. All students must be accounted for each day.  Notes excusing you from practice must be given to the Head Coach (boys) and Head Coach (girls).  Unexcused absences may result in dismissal from track.  Some notes might be considered unexcused by the coaching staff.
    2. Athletes who have to stay after school with a teacher:
      1. When you are finished staying after, you must get a pass from them explaining why you stayed after.
      2. The athlete will report to their head coach.
      3. The athlete will get credit for being in attendance for track when they show up and give their note to their head coach.
    3. If you know you are going to be gone from practice/track meet, bring your excuse ahead of time.
    4. All students must have a physical and turn in a permission slip signed by their parent/guardian. (Does not affect athletes who have participated in a sport previously this school year.)
    5. The athlete should be aware of the training rules and consequences that can result from breaking them.
    6. The following are rules: (If an athlete fails to abide by these, they will be dealt with accordingly).
      1. No one is in the halls of the school without permission.
      2. Appropriate behavior must be used at all times.
      3. Home track meets will be held at the high school track.  You may go home or back to the middle school with your parents following the completion of the track meet.
      4. Keep the locker room clean.  Leave other people’s belongings alone, and do not bring food or drink into the locker room.
    7. Bus trips- not following the rules will result in not going to the next competition:
      1. No misbehaving on the bus (remain in your seat, etc…) The bus will be clean upon returning.
      2. No food or drink until your competition is over.
      3. No loud music or singing on the bus (headphones or ear buds are OK)
      4. Brookings athletes will always find an area to share at the meets and will clean up that area at the end of the track meet.
      5. No water guns, etc… allowed.
      6. Cell phones are not allowed in the competitive area.
    8. Practice will begin each day at 3:30 (Wednesdays at 4:00).  Each day, boys and girls will report to the gym.  Roll call, announcements, and stretching will take place.  Anyone reporting late (without an excuse) will be considered tardy – resulting in punishment.
    9. Practice time will vary- but ordinarily it will finish by 5:00 (5:30 on Wednesdays).  Parents must pick their child up at the east side of school.

    The coaches would like to make track an enjoyable experience.  There are a lot of rules and expectations, but they are necessary to develop a disciplined team.  It is through discipline that you can be part of a team and be proud of it.  Remember that you don’t have to finish first to be a winner, so let’s cheer each other on and have a good time.

    There will be a workout period and a specialty period each day- the length of each will vary from day to day.  Every athlete will be part of a workout group - 1. Sprint group 2. Weight group 3. Distance group

    ***Athletes who have missed a workout period will have to make up the workout.

    Many of you will have no idea what you want to do.  You may start out the season in one group and find yourself doing something different at the end of the season, either through your choice or a coaches’ recommendation.  Some of you may fall into a category of two groups.  If this is your situation, consult your boys/girls head coach.

    Listed below are the events that will be used at most track meets.

    1. Sprinters (sprint group for workouts)

    100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash

    100/110, 200 hurdles meter hurdles

    400 meter relay, 800 meter relay, 1600 meter relay, medley relay

    1. Distances (distance group for workouts)

    800 meter run

    1600 meter run

    1. Weights (weight group for workouts)

    Shot put


         Specialty areas

    Weight group- shot put/discus

    Sprint group- high jump, long jump, hurdles, pole vault

    ***All specialty people will be part of a workout group.  It is recommended that you find a specialty to work at, or in the case of a long distance runner without a specialty period- you may finish earlier on some days.

    ***The first few days of practice there will be a workout period and also an introduction of each specialty to help you decide which you would be interested in.