• Zoom Rehearsal

    Ani Berberian who is a Brookings native and current member of the United State Air Force Band chated with our 5-12 band students about how she started a band instrument in Brookings and ended up in Washington D.C.  She delivered a terrific message!




    Please enjoy the stories and pictures during our remote learning from classrooms throughout the district.


    Big Yellow School Story

    Mrs. Girard reads the story of the Big Yellow School. Illustrated by Dakota Prairie students. Enjoy!
    Click on the book to hear the story and see the illustrations.


    Dusty Johnson zoom with classroom

    2nd Graders from Ms. Russell's class and Mrs. Lau's class at Dakota Prairie had Congressman Dusty Johnson on Zoom as a guest speaker. He shared about his job as a Congressman, how government and laws are formed, and answer fun facts! 

    Cooper on a field trip

    Cooper took a field trip to the Oakwood Lakes Burial Mounds as he’s learning about SD history.

    Sidewalk Decorations

    Medary learners came to pick up their supplies, so we decided to decorate sidewalks.  :)

    Screenshot of Virtual rehearsal

    Virtual Rehearsal with Mrs. Cogswell!

  • Let Band Together video link

    The 5-12 band family  joined in with Allegra's We ❤️ Brookings project. Click on the photo to watch the video.