• BSD Staff Wellness Room COVID -19 Guidelines

    1. Please review and sign the Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability prior to entering. 
    2. Pre-Screen yourself before coming to the wellness room.  Refer to our magnets received from BSD prior to the start of the school year.  Should you have any symptoms, please refrain from entering the room. 
    3. Maximum Capacity – 6 people – NO EXCEPTIONS! 
    4. Masks are required for entering or exiting the facility.  
    5. Masks are highly encouraged while in the room, but are not mandatory while working out. 
    6. Please sanitize as you enter the room. 
    7. You must Sign In, as always, to the room so we can track as needed.  
      • Since our closing, we have added our sign in station.  It is now on the southeast wall on the cabinets. 
    8. Social Distancing: 
      • Please maintain a 6 foot distance from others at all times. 
      • It is recommended that there be a minimum of one machine between yourself and anyone else in the room, especially the cardio machines as they are not 6 feet apart. 
      • Lifting machines are distanced from one another, however, please be respectful of those in the room giving distance and time to clean between lifts. 
      • If you are in the room with a household member you do not need to distance on the machinery. 
    9. Cleaning:   
      • When entering the room, please take a cleaning bottle and towel to use throughout the room.  The towel is to be used for cleaning only, not for sweating purposes.   
      • All items touched by your hands or where sweat could drip need to be sprayed and wiped down. 
        1. Dumbbells – Spray on the hand hold only.  If not metal, spray on towel and then wipe. 
        2. Seated machinery – Spray all areas that the body touches, including the adjustable weight racks.  Please do not directly spray on the weight rack. 
        3. Cardio Machines – Spray and wipe wherever the hand or sweat may drop.  Do not spray on the console, please spray on the towel and wipe. 
      • Please place your dirty towel in the laundry basket next to the sign in station before leaving.   
    10. Unavailable Items: 
      • Water fountains are not to be used. It is highly recommended to bring your own water bottle. 
      • Locker usage is not allowed.  Please bring in your needed items and take them with you as you leave. 
      • The restroom is available for changing and restroom needs, however, the shower is not available for use at this time. 

    The Staff Wellness Room is a privilege and we all need to do the right things to prevent the spread of the virus.  Please keep the room clean, and help one another out by thinking of the next person coming in by taking care of your own equipment.