Hello, I am Carleen Holm, and it is with great pleasure that I am introducing myself as Dakota Prairie's school counselor.   Some of you may remember me as the Mickelson Middle School counselor.  YES, I am still aroundsmile. After twenty-one years at MMS, and two years in Minnesota as a 7-12 counselor, I am honored I can make a change and be devoted to and serve our youngest learners at DP.

    Professionally, I will work hard to continue the services of Randi Hartman by following and implementing a comprehensive and developmental counseling program.  My goal is to emphaize manners and kindness, and to speak a language of hope blended with respect, humor, empathy, and creativity when working with learners.   I hope to help them understand and regulate their emotions, develop coping and empowerment skills in social and emotional classroom lessons, called "ACES."

    My primary task is to help ALL become their best selves.  I will provide short term acture counseling and support, similar to the role of a school nurse.  If for any reason, I start seeing your child more than a few times, I will be in communication.  Confidentiality will be respected, unless there is a risk of a student hurting themselves, hurting someone else, or if someone is hurting them.   I will conduct regular classroom lessons (ACES), small group counseling, and ongoing collaboration with staff, wrap around services, consultation and assisting with making referrals as needed.

    As a parent of two adult children, I hope to bring wisdom, a nurturing spirit and understanding, but mostly I will listen.  I am looking forward to a great school year and getting to know all of the learners!

    Below are some family pictures (Emily;  Carter ; Scott, husband)   Father, Carl Rose; (GO JACKS!)  Carol Holm, mother-in-law  and Lord Hyeamang (Emily's boyfriend) and some of the best school counselors in South Dakota.