Virtual School Overview

  • Virtual School Course Policy

    Definition:  Virtual school course – an internet or computer-based course.  All virtual school education programs and courses will be consistent with District instructional goals and aligned with South Dakota’s academic standards, curriculum frameworks and assessments, and approved by the South Dakota Department of Education. 

    Credit for Online Coursework

    High school students may enroll in a Virtual School class upon approval of the high school counselor and Assistant Principal. Typically, students enrolling in a .5 credit course will have one semester to complete the course. 

    Awarding Credit for Online Coursework

    The school must receive an official record of the final grade before awarding credit toward graduation.  Only approved courses shall be recorded on student transcripts.

    • Credit for online coursework that a student completes prior to enrollment in the Brookings School District will be transferred subject to the following conditions.

    • Online credit granted by another accredited high school will be approved and added to the student’s transcript.

    • Online credit completed in a non-accredited school or home school setting will be subject to the credit transfer process outlined in School Board Policy JEAA. 

    • To the goal of creating equity in the highly competitive areas of GPA and class rank, Advanced Placement classes taken through the South Dakota Virtual School (or any other online or electronic medium) be will be transcripted on a 4.0 scale (not a 5.0 scale) unless the course is listed as a Brookings High School offering in the current year’s registration booklet.

    Costs of Online Coursework:

    The Brookings School District will charge students for non-credit courses, summer courses or outside the regular school day classes.

    The Brookings School District will NOT charge a student for an online class that is part of the regular school day and for which the student will receive credit for graduation.   SDCL 13-28-5

    Unless extenuating circumstances exist….

    • Online courses will only be available to Juniors and Seniors with a 3.5 gpa.

    • Online courses are not available if the course is taught on the BHS campus.

    • A students who fails a Virtual School course will not be allowed to take an online course in the future.


    Students who are making adequate academic progress in online coursework are not required to take said courses on campus.