Business Office Overview

  • The major focus of the Business Office is on coordinating the day-to-day operations of all the buildings within the school district. The Business Office handles the business operations of the district including business services and purchasing, personnel matters for support staff (non-teaching) employees, facility rentals, transportation, safety and security, fleet, property and liability insurance, facilities and maintenance, food service and building construction projects.

    Dollar How is your dollar spent?

    Student Instruction - Includes Teachers, Assistants, Playground Supervisors, Substitute Salaries and classroom supplies - 60 cents

    Student Support - Includes Counselors, Librarians, Nurses, Substitutes, Supplies and Registration - 8 cents

    General/School Administration - Board, Superintendent, Principals, Secretaries, Audit, Legal, Umbrella Insurance and supplies - 7 cents

    Business/Bldg Operations/Staff Support/Transportation - Staff, Utilities, Fuel, Supplies, Repairs, Service, Insurance - 20 cents

    Co-Curricular - Coaches, Workers, Officials, Registrations and Supplies - 5 cents

Business Files

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