• Course Outline:

    The course will be divided into four quarters.  Each quarter will focus on specific learning goals that are expected to be mastered by the end of the quarter.  In addition to mastering the new learning goals, students will be required to retain and build on knowledge from previous quarter and courses.



    Students will be assessed and graded as follows:

    Grading Scale



























    • Tests: There will be a number of tests throughout the year. Each test may contain multiple parts, including a no calculator part, a calculator required part, and a take home part.


    • Quizzes: During each chapter there will be homework quizzes as well as ‘normal’ quizzes every couple of sections. On the homework quizzes there will be questions from homework as well as a couple of new questions for a check of understanding.


    • Homework: Homework is a critical element in this class. You can expect an assignment every single day.  A large majority of the time you will not complete the assignment in class.  Homework assignments will be graded on completion and effort.  If you have questions on a homework assignment, you need to get extra help before or after school.  Late homework will be accepted but will be taken for half credit.


    • Participation Points: Each student will receive participation points for answering questions and participating in class.


    Classroom Behavior:

    In addition to the expectations discussed the first day, students are expected to follow these guidelines:

    • If a student is caught cheating on an assessment, he or she will receive a zero and parents will be informed.
    • No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in the classroom. Please take care of restroom needs before class.
    • Cell phones & other technological toys are to remain at the front of the classroom unless I instruct you to use them. Cell phones are to be turned to silent mode while put away.  The teacher will confiscate any device in the case of rule violations. 



    Each day you will be expected to bring your computer, a book, a pencil, assignment from previous day, and a notebook paper.  Continual failure to bring materials to class will result in a detention.



    In the case of a student being absent during a class period, each of the following things must happen:

    • Upon returning, you must hand in any assignment that was due the day you were absent.
    • You must ask Mrs. Richter for any work that was assigned the day you were absent.
    • You must complete any assessments that were taken the day you were absent (reviews, quizzes, or tests) within two days for credit.
    • You must seek additional help from Mrs. Richter or others if needed.


    You will be given up to two days after your return to complete any assignments that were assigned while you were absent.


    Unexcused Absence: If a student skips class or is unexcused from class, all work completed that day will be counted as a zero.  The student must make up the work but will not receive credit for it.


    Planned Absence: No extra time will be given to make up work when a “planned absence” (vacation, extracurricular activity, etc) is taken.  You are responsible for getting the work in advance and having it completed on time.