Fit Desks at Medary Elementary School



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lara Langelett

 School: Medary Elementary

Class: 3rd Grade, Room 334

School Phone: 605-696-4351

Welcome to Medary Elementary School! I am excited to be your child's new teacher. Working on your student's strengths, my goal is to instill a love of learning. With a nurturing environment, your child will feel successful and proud to be part of Medary Elementary School.

In 2001, I received my dual undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I have worked in numerous teaching settings in Lincoln, NE, La Crosse, WI, and Brooking, SD. In 2016, I received my Master's Degree in School Counseling from South Dakota State University. Also, I have middle school level endorsements in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics. I have had training in Multiple Intelligence Theory, Boys Town Social/Behavioral Model, and Michael Gurian's Theory of boys and girls learning styles. I have presented at conferences on the following topics: Grief and Loss with Children, Data Collection, Test Anxiety, and Success for Children with ADHD. In 2016-17 school year, I was the Medary Librarian, and taught 19 classes library and reading skills. In 2017-18, I taught Kindergarten, and from 2018-present, I am a 3rd grade teacher.

My educational philosophy: My philosophy of education stems from a positive open mindset, social development, Action Based Learning, and continuous research. First, Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This is the essence of my philosophy not just with education but also life. Showing empathy, understanding, tolerance, and interest opens the class to a change in worldviews. A positive open mindset shows optimism, hope, and healthy relationships. When students are successful, they hear me say, “Kiss your brain.” In addition, Erik Erikson’s human development theory influences how I teach students: to improve and develop social interactions and acquire basic virtues. We role play social-emotional opportunities to practice developing for positive personal growth. Learning, practicing, and applying how to improve healthy social interactions with others will help develop problem solving skills. Next, Action Based Learning theory which couples movement and learning is a stimulating part of my students’ day.  Kinesthetic learning strategies improve focus, retention, and application of academic and social skills. Writing FitDesk grants has been a successful starting point in educating students, parents, and coworkers about the importance of movement and learning. Finally, evidence-based research has driven my educational journey. Reliable and valid studies have guided the methods I use on a daily basis. Research on ADHD, mental health, development, behavioral management, and family systems has brought insight, clarity, and raised more questions. As a lifelong learner, I seek to continually improve student learning and the classroom environment.  In summary, a positive open mindset, social development, Action Based Learning, and research has brought me to this point. I am committed to my educational journey and guiding others in their academic and social wellbeing.

My husband is a Professor of Economics at South Dakota State University. We have two children: Ian and Ariana. We are also proud parents of two cats (Best of Love and Cookie) and 10 fish!

October 2019 B.E.S.T Award   B.E.S.T 2019

Medary Teacher of the Year Award, 2019-2020


Ms. Langelett, Teacher of the Year 2020