Dr. Kevin Lein
  • Dr. Kevin Lein - Camelot Intermediate Principal

    The castle awaits your entry to the magic that is Camelot!

    "Every student, Every day, Whatever it takes" is the adopted theme of the district for 2019-2020.  Camelot is an exemplar of that quest.  A staff wholly and genuinely connected to the child in front of them, celebrating every success and relishing every failure as an opportunity for growth.  The Camelot staff pursues the impossible aspiration of total engagement, intensity for the realization of potential.   It is an elevated dream, but one worthy of the labor.

    Join with the staff here in this adventurous mission.   Collectively enlisting care, compassion and defined vision to change the world, one fourth and fifth grader at a time.  Let's together make the future live the hopes we have for our children.  It is the perfect place, it is the perfect time.