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Homecoming Edition of the Broboca Hits the Halls of BHS

  • Posted Oct. 2, 2019

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Terrence Tally and Yam Haus Spread the Message, "Don't Give Up!"

Yam Haus
  • Posted Oct. 2, 2019

    Terrence Talley and Yam Haus came to BHS on Tuesday, Oct. 2.  Talley spread his message through stories, music, and some memorable teacher dancing.  The assembly began by the student body jamming out to popular music. Terrence then called out several teachers down to the floor to show of their moves.  After some fun, Talley got more serious, sharing several stories about how he learned that the most powerful message that we need to hear every day is "Don't Give Up!"  For many, the most powerful moment came when Talley asked the staff to come down to the floor to share "Dad Hugs" with the student body.  Many students and staff have called Talley and Yam Haus the best assembly that they have experienced in their time in the Brookings School District.  

What It Takes To Make The Brookings Bobcat Band Show Great

  • By Kaylie Burke

    Posted Oct. 2, 2019

    This year the Marching Band has chosen to do El Barrio as their show for the season. It’s about the Spanish Harlem of New York City, the birthplace of many musical artists. This year the band has experienced a few more interesting challenges other than more members. New staff have been added as some had to leave. Penny Robinson, who has been a part of the band for many years as assistant director and head instructor for the colorguard, has retired. However, the band continues to thrive and are confident in their show. But what does it take to make a successful marching band show. Mr. Stary, high school band director for 29 years, has kindly given his statement of how our band works, the process of choosing the show, and how the band cooperates in general. 

    How many choices did you have for show ideas? Four other shows.

    What made you choose El Barrio? The Students reactions and how they enjoyed it.

    Do you think the show is too simple or shorter than previous shows? About the same.

    Is the leadership team this year good at working together? Yes, this year’s leaders are good at what their doing.

    How do you think people will respond to the show? They’ll have fun and be excited.

    Is the focus and discipline coming together? It’s getting there, but it is noticeable if it’s not.

    Are the freshman getting comfortable, from what you have seen? Yes, of course it takes time for anyone to get settled in with changes, but yes from what I’ve yes.

    What are some reasons why students should join band, in your opinion? They learn more about teamwork and how to take criticism from others and not get offended. 

    September 21st at the Pursuit of Excellence in Marshall, MN the Brookings Bobcat Band took first place in their class. It is safe to say that all the hard work that the band has put it has paid off. Though this is the band’s first competition and they have many more to go. They will continue to work hard and do our school proud. The next competition will be this weekend Tri-State in Luverne SD and Big Sioux Review in Brandon.