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September B.E.S.T Awards


 September BEST Award

Ann Halvorson & Maggie Hartung Bus Drivers

From the nomination entry:

This summer I have had the privilege of getting to know two very special ladies that work for the Brookings School District. Ann and Maggie drive bus for our ESY (Extended School Year) Special Education Program. They also drive bus during the school year for our early childhood and cognitive students.

It has been an absolute joy to watch them interact with the students each day. Every student is greeted by name and with a smile. It is evident that they have taken the time to get to know each child and their family members. Both of these ladies are known for walking students into their classrooms and even taking the time to read books with them until it is time for their session to start.

Ann and Maggie are extremely organized and are the key communicators between parents and teachers. They write down notes in their notebook to make sure all students get to the right place at the right time. This is especially difficult in the summer when everyone has different schedules.

This summer I have seen students run out of the school building because they are so excited to get back on the bus to see Ann and Maggie. Many students will even tell them that they missed them while they spent one or two hours at ESY. While many people do not get to witness this daily interaction, Ann and Maggie are the key to what makes this school district so very special. They are indeed that person that our students look forward to seeing at the beginning and end of each school day!