6. What will the additional dollars generated by this new opt out be used for?

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The opt out will be used for three key areas: Student Support and Instruction, Staff Support, and District Operations.  The specific programs under each of the areas is listed below.

    • Reading teachers in the schools to assist with student reading needs
    • Reading interventionists to support the reading development of struggling readers
    • Certified librarians in each school to support the library/media functions in the schools
    • Counselor additions and counseling supports to assist with student academic and socioemotional needs
    • School nurses in each school to assist with student health and wellbeing needs
    • Technology supports to assist with increased uses and integration of technology in the classrooms
    • Extra-duty staffing to support the increasing participation numbers of students
    • Alternative education school to support high school graduation pathways for students
    • Remedial summer school programming to ensure students remain on schedule for advancement and/or graduation
    • Class size reduction – 22 students per class – to provide for greater personalized, customized, and individualized instruction
    • Reading coaches in the district to support reading instruction across the core content areas
    • Increased staff development to support teacher quality and effectiveness through the district
    • Director of career and technical education (CTE) to support CTE staff and program needs as we expand internships and apprenticeships throughout the district
    • Instructional coaches to assist teachers with overall effectiveness
    • Dean of students to support staff with challenging student behaviors and student attendance concerns
    • Behavior room for student needs with behavior interventions and supports
    • Human resources director to support and manage core human resource operations of the district
    • Foundation executive director to foster, support, maintain, and grow relations with alumni and to develop a comprehensive school district foundation for scholarship and innovation
    • Transportation services including increased bus drivers as the district continues to grow and a transportation secretary to assist with the operations of the district transportation services