by Ben Mikaelsen Year Published: 1999

Moving to a new town is no fun for Trevor Ladd, and it only gets worse when he protects a nursing home patient from the neighborhood bullies. Walking home from school, he catches the bullies throwing snowballs at a withered old man named Petey. As he chases them off, he can't imagine that his life is about to change. 

Petey has spent his life in institutions. Born with cerebral palsy, he was msidiagnosed as an infant and grew up in mental institutions. As an adult, he is bound by his wheelchair and struggles to communicate with the people around him. But Petey sees something in Trevor and is determined to become his friend - and Trevor soon learns that there is more to Petey than meets the eye.

Petey is a touching story of friendship, discovery, and the domination of the human spirit over physical obstacles.